One Hundred Thousand Extra Tourists

Tourists to Tenerife - El Duque Beach

A great start to the year for hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions in Tenerife as it welcomes over one hundred thousand more tourists in the first quarter than it did for the same period last year. According to a story in El Dia, titled La Isla recibió cien mil turistas más en el primer trimestre de este año, the total number of visitors for the period was 1,345,607 visitors, an overall increase of 8.8%.

The UK has always been a strong market for Tenerife and this year looks to be no different with a total of 458,477 British tourists, an increase of over 19%, arriving in the first three months. The second largest group of 205,645, are domestic tourists, visiting from the mainland while Germany sent 173,726 visitors.

Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Italy and Belgium are also significant markets though Sweden showed a downward trend of -8.4%

Popular Tenerife Locations

  • Adeje 33.6%
  • Arona 28%
  • Puerto de la Cruz 15%
  • Santa Cruz less than 5%
  • La Laguna less than 1%

The South, continues to be the main destination, capturing over 77% of all visitors. That said, Nothern destinations saw the highest percentage growth. La Laguna-Bajamar-La Punta, benefited the most with an increase of  24.8% to a total of 11,613 visitors in the first quarter.

Tenerife Tourist Board Promotions

The Tenerife Tourist Board are active throughout the year promoting in different markets and segments. Their promotional videos, like the one below, do a really good job of show the island’s stunning beauty:

After seeing that it can only be a question of not if, but when, you’ll be jumping on a flight to Tenerife.

This and the tourist boards activities in promoting to segments such as sport and conventions has obviously had a highly positive impact on visitor numbers.

It has to be said however, that there is another reason behind the Tenerife tourist boom. Given recent events in Paris, Brussels, Turkey and Egypt, our quiet island is seen as a safe option. As one English visitor put it:

“We cancelled our holiday to Egypt last year after what happened to that plane and we just went to Cornwall instead but to be honest, we love our holidays abroad and Tenerife seemed like the safest option.”

Winter Cruise to Tenerife


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