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Overall, the TITSA Tenerife bus service is pretty good. It offers a cheap and cheerful way to get round the island, especially for those tourists who want to see the ‘real Tenerife’ as opposed to ‘tour bus Tenerife’.

The buses are (usually) clean and in good condition and you’ll see far less of the local colour than I used to see in my native Glasgow on a Saturday night.

That said, for some residents, myself included, the changes TITSA made to their service last year are a pain in the culo. I won’t bore you with the whiny details except to say, “Really, TITSA? Adding a bus change and an extra 40 minutes to a single journey is an improvement? I don’t think so!”

You can only do so much with finite resources though so while a few may be a little inconvenienced by the changes TITSA made, others now have bus service where there was not a line before. That must be better for everyone in the long run, right?

Tenerife Bus Fares

 Line   To <> From  Fare  BONO 
 111  Costa Adeje <> Santa Cruz  €9.45  €6.25
 482  Vilaflor <> Los Cristianos  €3.05  €2.10
 477  Los Cristianos <> Los Gigantes  €4.65  €3.05

TITSA Interchanges and Bus Stops

In Tenerife, a bus stop is called a parada and each one has a number. It is always good to know the number of the parada you are at if you are trying to check up on bus arrival times or changes in schedule.

There are several interchanges where many routes come together allowing for ongoing and extended journeys. Whether you are a tourist or Tenerife resident, making use of the TITSA Intercambios will open up the island to you. These are also the laces to find TITA information centres and but BONO cards.

  • Santa Cruz  Interchange(Main Hall and Upper Floor)
  • La Laguna Interchange
  • Puerto de la Cruz Main Stop
  • Los Cristianos Main Stop
  • Costa Adeje Station
  • La Orotave Station
  • Icod Station

Bus Hopping from A to B

The Tenerife bus service, much as we all love to moan about it, is actually very good in that there are very few corners of the island that it will not get you to.

For tourists, hopping on a guagua to get you from Adeje to Buenavista is a lot more interesting than hailing a hermetically sealed taxi. Granted, you may get the occasional amusingly-bonkers-but-friendly taxi-driver but people watching on the bus is a lot more fun.

Should I buy a BONO card?

Whether you are a resident or a tourist you absolutely should get a BONO card and tuck it in your wallet because the savings are significant. Not to mention that if you pay with a BONO you won’t have the hassle of pleading with a bus driver who is not happy about giving you change.

BONO cards cost either €12 or €25 and can be used by several people.

If you check out the examples in the fare table you can see that the savings for a family of four hopping on a bus from the South to Santa Cruz de Tenerife already make the purchase of a BONO card worthwhile. On top of that, each BONO card you buy is valid for a year.

Note that If the BONO you are paying with runs out, you must make up the difference in cash. You can pick up BONO cards from the TITSA Intercambios listed above or from many local newsagents and kiosks. Just look out for the green BONO sticker on the shop window.

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