Tenerife Holidays

Tenerife holidays can be as relaxing or as adventure packed as you would like to make them.  Although in recent years, unfortunate events in places like Turkey and Egypt have convinced many holidaymakers to seek ‘safer’ options, Tenerife has been a popular destination – with good  reason – since the sixties.

Once blighted with the reputation of being nothing more than a cheap destination for chavvy stag parties, the tourist board has worked hard to highlight Tenerife’s unique  charms of which there are many.

For those looking to relax there are natural and man made beaches, some with beds and umbrellas to hire. The more adventurous will find coastal walks rewarded with coves and inlets in which to relax with a little less company from other tourists.

But not everyone wants to laze by the pool every day so for the more active or adventurous, there is hang gliding, windsurfing rafting bike, horse riding, golfing, rock climbing, hiking … and that is all in the daytime.

At night, Tenerife takes on another personality altogether. There are restaurants to suit every palette and every kind of pub and club you can imagine.

Tenerife South Airport Transfers

  Hands up those who enjoy starting their holiday off by hanging around the airport waiting for a  bus or taxi? What, no-one? Okay, me neither. When I am on holiday I want to get where I am going and chill out! Well, have I got good news for you! From now until May...

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Tenerife Morning Clouds

  Tenerife morning clouds can be quite dramatic as the rising sun catches them. Holidaymakers have nothing to worry about though as the clouds usually burn off in an hour or so and they can look forward to another glorious day on the 'reef. As it happens, today the...

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Los Cristianos hotels

Los Cristianos Hotels

Record number of tourists are expected in Tenerife this year. Don’t be disappointed. Book your Los Cristianos hotel today.

Winter Cruise to Tenerife


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