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Tenerife Buses

Just about anywhere you want to go in Tenerife, a TITSA bus will get you there.

Tenerife’s bus service is really very good. Often unfairly maligned, it runs regularly, the buses are clean and the drivers are usually friendly. In fact, as a way of getting about, taking a Tenerife bus from say, Costa Del Silencio to Santa Cruz, is really hard to beat. On that particular route there is a more direct service and one that goes through every twist, turn and cul-de-sac between here and Timbuktu – certainly worth doing once for the sight-seeing value but in general you are better to go for the more direct bus.

On the Santa Cruz route, pay attention to the bus stops that you pass along the way. Some seem to be perched on the roadside with nothing nearby but an eye-watering uphill scramble to a far off pueblo you can just make out clinging to the hillside in the distance.

Time to time the bus stops and lets people off in the middle of nowhere and you think … what? Where on earth are these people going for there is nothing in sight except a steep hillside or a cliff falling away to the sea.

Using Santa Cruz, Los Cristianos or Las Americas as a hub, wherever you want to get to on the island, one of TITSA’s Tenerife buses will get you there.

One of the island’s most experienced and entertaining bus aficionados is writer Colin Kirby. Many of the Tenerife adventures that he writes about on his blog start off in the early morning at a bus stop and boy, does he do some gadding about!

The only reservations I have about the Tenerife bus service is one I would have about anywhere: try not to travel by bus during rush hours.

Bono Bus Discount Card

Bono Bus Discount Card

There is a discount card which can be purchased from all stations and terminals of TITSA and many shops around Tenerife. The Bono-Bus card costs about €12 but saves up to 30% of the cost of transport as well as discounts for entry into Tenerife’s museums.

TITSA website

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20 comments on “Tenerife Bus Service TITSA

  1. Jim Henry on said:

    Do Titsa have level access buses suitable for wheelchair users? I found that taxis are now able to take wheelchairs when I was there in April.

  2. Hi there,

    I have not seen any wheelchair accessible buses in the South, though the newer double-size buses certainly look as they once aboard a wheelchair user would have space to manoeuvre.

    TITSA does provide a good service but the information they provide is deplorable. Having checked their website, I am none the wiser so I shall contact them directly and let you know what I find out. Watch this space!

  3. Are Bono cards available from the bus driver? Im sure Ive seen them being sold on request when passengers get on. However my partner says this does not happen. Thanks for your help

  4. As far as I know Bono cards are not available from the driver.

  5. Love your Information perhaps you can help me please,
    I Would like information on what stops to ask for on Titsa buses just to travel round the one way system on Golf Del Sur. What do you ask for when you get on ie Winter Gardens etc. They understand when I say Las Americas but not the local stops any ideas please.!! Also what should the cost be

  6. Do you know if i can catch a bus from Tenerife South Airport to Los Gigantes in march? Flight arrives 10.00am.
    Many Thanks.

  7. Hi Peter,

    Here is a link to Los Gigantes services.

    As far as I can see there are no lines direct from airport to Los Gigantes. It looks like you would have to take a bus to Los Cristianos and then change to a Los Gigantes bus there. You can click on origen/destination links on this page (then hit the little green arrow) to get a more detailed set of options: Aeropuerto Sur – Los Gigantes

  8. fran cross on said:

    I am here in Tenerife all winter. I want a bus-stop (parada) at the roundabout (la retunda) at the Reveron on the route down Avenida Londres to Victoria Court apts/ I know a lot of people who want this too. Can we have a bus stop near this roundabout. It would be very popular.

  9. fran cross on said:

    Does Titsa have an email address?

  10. melanie madden on said:

    Is there a bus from aiport to cordial golf palaza san miguel

  11. Arthur Raine on said:

    Can you advise the cheapest way to get from Airport South to Puerto de la cruz, Arriving 9pm 30/4 returning 3pm 7/5 2 people

  12. C Rudin on said:

    I’ve been looking for a timetable for the 111 bus from Tenerife South airport to Los Cristianos I believe they run after 30 mins can anyone tell me what the times are?

  13. sharon on said:

    do you know if i can get from tfn airport to costa adeje after 9.30pm at ni9ght and if so what route wold this be, your help would be mych appreciated as do not understand tits webiste also how long roughly would this take many thanks sharon

  14. Hi Sharon,

    Yes, the TITSA website is a bit of a mystery. As it happens I have a printed timetable here in which it says that the route 343 which goes between Puerto De La Cruz and Costa Adeje will pick up at TFN at 21.49 BUT that is only on Sat, Sun and holidays. Normal weekdays the last ride from TFN on that route is 21. 25.

    Your best bet looks like catching the 102 from TFN to Santa Cruz and then from there hopping on the first bus southbound that you can get. The 111 leaves Santa Cruz at 22.30 and goes (eventually) to Costa Adeje or you might get to Santa Cruz and then from there jump on a bus to Los Cristianos. You will be able to get to Costa Adeje easily from there.

    Please double check these routes on the TITSA website to make sure they tie in with your arrival times. DOn’t just rly on my wor here as the TITSA printed timetable is only marginally better than the website and I may be mistaken on the timing.

  15. LOUIE DALY on said:

    Can you help me?
    we are arriving on the 6th of oct at 11.25 and we need the best value way to get to the alondras park apts in costa del silence
    Please can you give me the times and route numbers for the correct buses
    Many Thanks

  16. Hi, this information is really helpful.(:
    But I also need to know what time do the buses start running?

  17. Will be in Fanabe 2nd week December.Can you please tell me if there is a direct bus from Las Americas bus station(rear of hotel bonanza) to Santa Cruz centre,what costs,and return etc
    Many thanks

  18. Please could you let me know what time I could catch a 343 Bus to Puerto de la Cruz from Tenerife South Airport on Sunday Feb. 5th when I am due to arrive at 11 20. or if there would be a better way to get there?

  19. Can anyone advise me if there is a public transport bus from Tenerife Airport South to the Torviscas area as I am going to The Sun Set Bay Club. Many thanks, John

  20. Hannah-Lou on said:

    I am an electric wheelchair user. Are there accessible buses that go from Los Americas to puerto de la cruz?
    Thank you!

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