There's more to Tenerife ...

There is so much more to Tenerife than beaches and sangria. Why not hire a car and head off into the hills…

Tenerife Holiday

Tenerife beach walkway

Laze by the hotel pool, chill on the beach or take off into the wide blue sky with only the clouds and Teide for company?

Tenerife Living

Tenerife street cafe

The question that so many tourists ask – what is it like to live in Tenerife?

Tenerife Business

Tenerife business on the beachTaking care of business in Tenerife often involves paperwork. A LOT of paperwork. Even so, its hard to complain when you can do your 9 to 5 on the beach.

Tenerife Weather

Getting a Taste for Tenerife Wine

Chatting with Cho Juan On the wonders of Tenerife wine Meet Cho Juan (Sho Wahn) In Tenerife, a ‘cho’ is a wise old man, a village elder. Sadly, as in many things, the days of respecting the elderly for the experience they have to share and wisdom they have...

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